Working for the wellness of our staff

QPros who has always strived to maintain a balance of healthy working and a remarkable team-work, complied successfully with the survey demanded by the Colombian legal authorities for the diagnosis of psychosocial risk factors that may be present inside the company and so identify the facts to avoid and reduce stress.

The results of this survey, which was carried out by an external endorsed entity, show that the level of risk within QPros, taking into account intra-labor, extra-labor and individual factors, is negligible (without risk), which places us in the third position among a large list of companies that this entity evaluated.

We are proud of this study, since it recognizes the great work that is carried out permanently inside the company, in order to maintain a suitable working environment. Likewise, we comply with Resolution 2646 of July 17, 2008, which seeks the health of the workers through the identification, evaluation, prevention, intervention and permanent monitoring of exposure to psychosocial risk factors at work.